We are investigating the physical conditions and the life cycle of interstellar matter and dust in our Galaxy and galaxies based on infrared observations with space projects, such as the Infrared Telescope in Space (IRTS)AKARI, ESA's Infrared Space Observatory (ISO), NASA's satellite Spitzer Space Telescope, and ESA's Herschel Space Observatory.  The IRTS is the first Japanese infrared space project in 1995 and AKARI is the first Japanese satellite dedicated for infrared astronomy launched in 2006.   These investigations revealed the ubiquitous presence of aromatic matter in space for the first time and provided key information on their processing in space.  We have developed mid-infrared instruments on board the IRTS and AKARI,  and contributed to the cryogenic telescope development and its ground test.  We are also making a complementary study of the dust properties with the COMICS on the Subaru telescope. 

Recent research topics

What's New

* 2017/04/24 The 4th international conference will be held at University Tokyo for October 17-20, 2017
* 2016/09/30 Discovery of an Extragalactic Hot Moleuclar Core
* 2016/01/10 AKARI asteroid catalog paper obtains the PASJ excellent paper award (Japanese link only)
* 2014/03/24 AKARI made a key step to understand the material evolution in the universe
* 2014/03/19 The second SPICA core science meeting is held at Unviersity of Tokyo on March 26th and 27th
* 2014/01/24 The 3rd AKARI international conference is held at Oxford, U.K.
* 2013/01/11 AKARI LMC catalogs are released to the public (Japanease link only)
* 2012/05/09 Discovery of Dusty ``Quarts Star''
* 2012/02/08 AKARI Finds Carbon Monoxide Molecules Embedded in Ten Million Degree Gas
* 2011/10/13 Second AKARI international conferece is held at Cheju, Korea

* 2011/03/08
:Ex-graduate student Dr. Daisuke Ishihara is awarded the prize for young researchers from the Society for Promotion of Space Science for his contribution to the AKARI all-sky survey (Japanease link only)
* 2010/03/31: AKARI all-sky suvey catalogues are released to the public
* 2009/2/16-19: First international conference on AKARI, a Light to Illuminate the Misty Universe, was held on the campus of the University of Tokyo


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